• HealthCare System Navigator

    We are a company that provides comprehensive training and consulting services for all participants of the health care system

We provide a servis for patients, doctors, health care managers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies applying for the reimbursement of medicines

We work with patient organizations, medical scientific societies and public administration institutions



Trainings and workshops


Pharmaceutical Industry Navigator

We offer legal and substantive support to pharmaceutical companies applying for reimbursement of medicines at key stages of the proceedings, as well as train management and operational staff responsible for planning, running and supervising the reimbursement process within the company.

We provide legal support to clients who are also contractors in the procurement procedure, in connection with the preparation of bids, in particular in the scope of analyzing the provisions of the specification of contract essential terms and conditions.

Hospital Navigator

We offer substantive and legal support to hospitals and other economic entities conducting medical activities in the proceedings on the conclusion of contracts for the provision of healthcare services organized by the NFZ.

We advise on ongoing activities related to the medical records, benefits settlement, including over-execution, we support in control proceedings conducted by the NFZ. We also offer advice in the preparation of proceedings for the award of a public contract.

Patient Navigator

We offer to individual patients suffering from severe diseases an innovative navigation service in a complex health care system, consisting of coordinating and organizing individual stages of treatment.

We offer to patient foundations and associations trainings in the field of drug policy, reimbursement system as well as principles of contracting healthcare services and legislative process. We also provide support in the field of giving opinions on legal acts in the legislative process, initiating system changes beneficial to patients and support in deepening social dialogue with regulator representatives and public payer.

Physician Society Navigator

We offer to individual doctors of various specialties, medical organizations and medical scientific societies cooperation in expanding knowledge about the refund system in Poland by organizing training and workshops in the field of reimbursement policy, practical aspects of concluding contracts for providing health care services and controlling their implementation.

About us

Our team includes professionals of many specialties who have unique experience in the medical services sector. They are mainly lawyers, doctors, pharmacists and analysts for years associated with government administration, public payer institution, entities conducting medical activity, as well as healthcare facilities.

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